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Unilateral depth to concentric jump

February 28, 2013

Use this movement to improve power output out of an athletic stance.

Set up two plyometric boxes, one equal to 50-75% of the athletes vertical jump height and the second at 100-150% vertical jump height. Dangle the inside foot off the front of the box, drop off, and stick the landing in a split athletic stance with the knee tracking in the same direction as the toes. The landing should be “quiet” and flexion of the hips, knees, and ankles should be minimal.

Once the athlete has mastered the stick, add in the jump to the box.  The athlete should be able to land quietly on the box.

Once the athlete has mastered the stick and jump, the reactive element (demonstrated below by Jason Cholewa) can be added in. Have the athlete focus on minimizing ground contact time and achieving a full extension at the hips in order to land on the high box.

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