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Lateral speed: Lateral depth and bound series

March 5, 2013

Lateral quickness relies heavily on the coordinated combination of hip abduction and triple extension.  The lateral depth and bound series is a great way to improve lateral quickness in your athletes.

This is a three part series of plyometrics, requiring you to master each step before moving onto the next.  Begin with a 6-12″ box. Stand with both feet against the end, then dangle the inside foot off the box.

Part I (not shown exclusively) is the lateral depth drop and stick.  Drop off the box and land only on the inside foot that was dangling.  The landing should be soft and balanced, the knee should track in the direction of the toe, and the athlete should minimize flexion in the hips, knees, and ankles. Once that athlete has mastered the stick, move on.

Part II (demonstrated below by Jason Cholewa) is the lateral depth, stick, and bound.  Repeat step 1, however, once the athlete has stuck the landing and is balanced, drive powerfully off the support leg laterally.  Focus on distance and not height.  Ensure the athlete lands in an athletic stance hip width apart.

Part III (demonstrated below by Jason Cholewa) is the lateral depth and bound. Drop off the box just like in step 1; however, once the athlete touches the ground he/she should react and drive powerfully off the support leg laterally.  The objective is to minimize ground contact time without sacrificing landing mechanics or power.  Again, ensure the athlete lands in an athletic stance.

Perform these exercises 1-2 times a week, for 2-3 sets of 3 touches per leg, at the start of a workout.  Athletes may need anywhere from 2-6 sessions per step prior to advancing.  Utilize full recovery periods between sets.

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