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After completing his Ph.D. in Kinesiology in August 2012, Jason Cholewa accepted the position of Lecturer in the Kinesiology and Health Promotion Department at the University of Kentucky in Lexington, where he taught a variety of specialized courses, including strength and conditioning, sports nutrition, and principles of conditioning.

Presently Dr. Cholewa is an Assistant Professor in the Exercise Science and Sport Studies department at Coastal Carolina University.  Dr. Cholewa’s research is focused on human performance, where he is examining the use of diverse methods of weight-resistance training and nutritional supplements to improve performance in athletes and the elderly.

Dr. Cholewa also founded his own fitness consulting company in 2008, Big Red Physical Performance, where he has worked with clients in the United States, Australia, and Europe. He offers customized evidence-based exercise and nutrition regimens, and specializes in improving strength, power, speed, agility, and endurance performance.

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