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Client Testimonials

dave dlI’ve known Dr. Jason Cholewa for many years. He is extremely knowledgeable in all facets of strength, conditioning, injury rehab and prevention and above all else nutrition for performance athletes. Dr. Cholewa has helped me with getting in shape and optimizing my nutrition for competitive powerlifting. I’ve sought his advice on numerous occasions and he has always gone above and beyond to help me meet my goals. Dr. Cholewa is my first call with any questions concerning the aches and pains of training I may have or am trying to prevent, and he has used autoregulation to help me stay healthy while increasing my training volume and intensity. I set new PR’s for all my lifts in my most recent meet totally 1765 lbs with a 700 squat, 440 bench, and 625 deadlift. Currently I am ranked 34th raw with wraps overall and tied at 28th for squat by in the Southern Power Lifting SHW class.

David McCool, Putnam CT


Vinny 2I have had the pleasure of working with Jason for many years and I can say, with 100% certainty, all progression that I have made would not be possible without him. Throughout my ever changing lifestyle of work/life balance along with different fitness goals, Jason has been able to develop, and see through, a regiment that delivered results. I have used his service for many different programs each tailored for specific goals of mine (physique, power lifting, Olympic lifting, and now martial arts). Each routine has been programed down to the finest details to take away any guess work involved.

The distinction I found between Jason’s service, and many others that I have tried, is his continuation of support. The mental aspect of following a strict discipline is often more important than the physical aspect you seek to embark on. Jason provides the motivation and support to overcome the challenges of everyday life. His understanding of science is paramount to the intricacies of navigating today’s world of nutrition, and yet, despite the mainstream information being very convoluted, I found his ability to break it down into layman’s terms very reassuring.

Vinny 1I want to encourage anyone who seeks actual results to use Jason’s service. If a high-finance individual like myself can battle the corporate titans and still maintain the body, mentality, and performance that I exhibit today (pardon my pretentious sentiment, but it is warranted), I assure you it is a testament to Jason’s ability.

 James, Boston MA 


Ryan 4I have always been what you may consider a natural athlete and I have always seemed to excel in any sport I tried. I placed 4th at my state’s high school wrestling tournament and was named captain of my college rugby team as well as my men’s rugby club after college. I started training with Dr. Jason Cholewa out of curiosity and for the learning experience (I am a doctoral student in Exercise Physiology at the University of Kentucky) rather than out of what I felt was necessity.

We worked together on speed training, agility, and lateral and linear acceleration. The results were amazing. At 25 I could move quicker and more efficient than ever before in my life. The training definitely translated to improvement on the rugby field. I have been playing rugby competitively for 6 years and after training with Dr. Cholewa had the most productive season of my career, both statistically and subjectively. I scored more points, had more assists, and made more tackles than ever before! Across the ryan 2board Dr. Cholewa made me a better athlete.


 Ryan Mason, Lexington KY



Dr. Jason Cholewa has helped me throughout my ever changing goals. Transitioning from a female high school basketball player into a D1 track athlete led to many challenges. I had many insecurities and becoming a heavy lifter and failing to meet my conditioning needs negatively affected my self-confidence. Dr. Cholewa not only provided the support, motivation, and knowledge that I needed to accept these changes, but understood my goals, and developed a workout program that fit nicely into my particularly busy off-season schedule (school, track practice, work, and study hall).

KatalynI made very poor nutrition choices my first semester in college. Dr. Cholewa taught me about the importance of nutrition and designed an eating plan that improved performance on the track and made me leaner without restricting me to the same boring foods day in and day out. Dr. Cholewa’s training program also included injury prevention exercises that helped me stay healthy after suffering reoccurring ankle injuries during the previous season.  His commitment to my success kept me motivated; secure with my abilities to do more and overcame those psychological barriers in your mind that say “I can’t.”

After college I’ve transitioned my goals to focus on my physique, and Dr. Cholewa has developed programs that are specific to targeting stubborn muscle groups. Whenever I have a question regarding a certain “diet fad,” I contact him first. He responds promptly with an answer, and gives explanations along with it to help me understand. I plan to continue using Dr. Cholewa’s services as I pursue my next fitness goal!

Catalina Kaleva, Richmond VA

Megan 1Big Red Physical Performance not only helped me reach my fitness goals with competing in the NPC Jr Nationals, but along the way I learned the science behind gaining lean muscle mass the healthy way. Dr. Jason Cholewa is extremely knowledgeable in the science of sport nutrition, and he developed an easy to follow program that, despite me being on the road often for work, fit my needs and goals. Dr. Cholewa also analyzed my progress and updated the program throughout.

I have worked with many individuals and coaches in the industry and Jason surpassed my expectations with great work ethic, diligence, Megan 2and best-practice nutrient timing, and he helped me utilize my time in the gym most efficiently! I would recommend anyone to him whether they are serious about competing or just trying to be live a healthier lifestyle. He’s serious about what he does and it works if you follow it!


Megan Gillis, NPC Figure Competitor.

USA Junior Nationals, 2nd PlaceCharleston SC, 2015


PicturesDr. Jason Cholewa helped me to accomplish my physique goals in the time that I worked with him. I was already a seasoned bikini competitor, but wanted to guarantee I would bring the best physique possible in my transition to a different league. After researching all of the available coaches around, his methods aligned the most with not only my goals, but on how to reach those goals in a healthy manner. With Dr. Cholewa’s help, I was able to obtain my pro status as a World Natural Bodybuilding Federation Bikini Competitor!

He gave me a flexible nutritional guide to meet my nutritional goals without restricting me to the same food every day. This gave me freedom to still have somewhat of a social life with family and friends, while being able to stay on track with my fitness goals. Having a life outside of my fitness goal was important to me, as well as a concern for him.

I was hesitant to hire an online coach that I was not capable of seeing daily, or at least weekly. Jason met all the requirements a more “local” coach would have, and did so with ease. He created a training regimen specific to my goals, strengths, and weaknesses. If I had any questions, he was just a text or e-mail away. He quickly responded and gave feedback as necessary and when asked. He also required check-ins to gauge my progress and adjusted my program as needed.

Dr. Cholewa helped me to obtain the physique I needed for the competition, and helped me to transition back into a sustainable healthy weight for the off-season. Some coaches are not concerned with the after math of the goal and leave the competitor wandering aimlessly to figure it out. He had a plan from beginning to end, pro tropheyand afterwards. For that, I am grateful!

I will continue to use Dr. Jason Cholewa in the future for all of my competitions. I would highly recommend him and Big Red Physical Performance to anyone looking to take their fitness goals to the next level!


Haley Gaston, WNBF Bikini Competitor

WNBF North Georgia Championships, 1st place      October 3rd, 2015

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  1. Simi Eason permalink

    After competing in a Local NPC Bikini Competition, April 1, 2017, I was on the hunt for a better, customized nutritional plan that would better prepare me for Nationals, July 1, 2017. I received a list of ten references that were highly recommended — I researched and had extensive conversations with each one in attempt to figure out who would not only fit my particular needs, but was able to answer all my questions effectively. Jason clearly stood out as he provided scientific reasons behind all his answers. I decided to use a more notarized specialist because I felt like during my 12-week prep for April, I had lost more muscle than anticipated and the nutritional plan (cookie cutter) of straight depletion was not ideal for my metabolism or body type. I engaged Jason 8 weeks from Nationals, which was a relatively tight time frame, but he clearly outlined all nutritional marks to meet based on the intensity/timing of my training, muscle preservation and goal lean composition. As he can attest to, I frequently asked questions regarding macros, supplements, effects of particular activities, fasted cardio, carb-loading and the process in general — all of which he gave me a much greater understanding for — and in knowing the “whys” — I was able to better adhere to the diet as this has always been my greatest challenge. Going into Nationals, I avoided fasted cardio — decreased cardio altogether by 20%, and consume more macros daily; and as a result, my body composition was leaner/tighter. I was proud of the package I brought to stage (the best version I have had so far). I haven’t decided whether I will compete in the winter, but Jason has now outlined both nutrition and training for a set timeline to achieve specific goals I have asked for — so I’m excited to continue to learn from and reach these new goals! I would definitely recommend Jason to new and/or seasoned athletes. Thanks Jason! 🙂

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