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Dr. Jason Cholewa received his Ph.D. in Exercise Physiology from Springfield College, where he researched the effectiveness of sport supplements to improve strength and body composition. His curriculum included studying nutrition and metabolism, theories of training adaptations, and strength and conditioning. While working on his Ph.D., Dr. Cholewa practiced the application of these scientific concepts as assistant coach of the Springfield College bodybuilding and powerlifting team.

Dr. Cholewa now offers the following services:

  • Physique Coaching
  • Powerlifting Coaching
  • Sport Specific Strength and Conditioning Programming
  • Nutritional Consultations
  • Training Consultations
  • Exercise Technique Video Consultations
  • Skype/Phone Consultations

 Although everyone has unique goals and needs, Dr. Cholewa’s nutrition and training programs improve these basic training fundamentals:

  • Enhance recovery and physical resiliency
  • Reduce injury risk and enhance movement quality
  • Increase physical capacities
  • Optimize strength and neuromuscular development


For more information on credentials, experience, peer reviewed publications, and presentations download Dr. Cholewa’s vita


Please use the contact form below for pricing and availability, or to learn more about how Dr. Cholewa’s services can enhance your hard work and dedication:

  1. Brandon permalink

    My name is Brandon Roybal, and I am a teenage bodybuilder with passion but no knowledge when it comes to nutritional science, flexible dieting, IIFYM, or anything like that. I do fasted cardio, eat boring food, and feel like im going crazy its ridiculous. Im six weeks out from my first NPC show and the results aren’t coming as planned, im not sure if its too late of notice, but id really appreciate the help. Im not looking for an easy meal plan to follow, but if that’s what its going to take to get your attention then im willing to purchase whatever it is that I need from you. I believe nothing in life comes easy without working hard for it, with that being said if you could point me in the right direction to where I can build my knowledge on this subject it would be greatly appreciated. I love
    learning about the chemistry of how the body works and flexible dieting will most likely be the next step for me. Referred by BioyLane LLC. Thank you.

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